CDD Observation Mission

One of the top priorities for CDD is to observe elections in Georgia. CDD’s observation mission has been actively monitoring election processes since 2012.

The organization has been implemented following monitoring processes:

  • 2012 – Georgian Parliamentary Elections
  • 2013 - Extraordinary Elections of the Parliament of Georgia
  • 2013 - Presidential Elections
  • 2014 - Elections of Representative and Executive Bodies of Local Municipalities
  • 2016 – Extraordinary Elections of Representative and Executive Bodies of Local Municipalities
  • 2017 - Tbilisi Mayoral Elections
  • 2018-  Presidential Elections of Georgia
  • 2019 – Extraordinary / By-Elections of Georgia  

The observation mission of the Center for Development and Democracy is staffed by long–term observers as well as short-term observers. The organization's gender equality policy is taken into consideration when staffing the observation mission.

The members of the observation mission are people who have experience of participating in various international observation missions abroad, people who have taken long-term (LOT) and short-term(STO) training courses for observers organized by OSCE/ODIHR.

For election monitoring CDD uses observation methodology which was developed by the organization itself, considering all three levels of election administration working principles and international practices. Guidelines and action plan including logistical issues and effective management are being prepared. During the monitoring processes the observation mission guides by the local legislation, international standards and observer’s code of conduct.

The main principles of the organization are respect for the law, democracy, impartiality, accuracy, transparency, and professionalism.