Project "Georgia Member of the European Family”

The project, “Georgia Member of the European Family”, has been implemented by the Center for Development and Democracy (CDD) since 2014. The aim of the project is to increase the involvement of the traditional religions’ representatives in the process of Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration, as well as to raise awareness of teachers and students from the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) educational institutions. 

The new phase of the project began in 2019 and is based on the significant results achieved by CDD over the past years.

The project lasts for two years. Information meetings, discussions, conferences, and round tables are organized within the project. Study visits abroad with the participation of the high hierarchy of traditional religions are also planned.

Within the framework of the project, Euro Clubs will be gradually opened and supported in gymnasiums involved in the project.  The project also includes a variety of information campaigns, TV programs, and contests.

Project “Georgia member of the European Family” is implemented with the support of the British Embassy Tbilisi and Good Governance Fund (GGF).