CDD - observation Mission 2023

Today, the Center for Development and Democracy (CDD) is observing the ongoing Parliamentary and Municipality Sakrebulos By-elections and Extraordinary Mayoral elections. The CDD is observing the polling station opening, voting process, closing, and results summary procedures through mobile teams.
The CDD is monitoring the voting process in precincts within the N70 Poti, N66 Khobi, and N64 Senaki electoral districts. This follows the Venice Commission and OSCE/ODIHR's joint opinion published on December 2, 2022, addressing draft amendments to Georgia's Election Code. The opinion highlights the importance of thorough testing of new technology before upcoming elections and suggests that the Central Election Commission (CEC) further examine pilot projects. These projects will serve as the primary instrument for effective planning and implementation of election-related technologies in the future. The opinion also emphasizes the need for proper planning and preparation, effective voter education, election administration training, and measures to bolster public confidence in the system.
With 11 years of election monitoring experience, this mission marks the CDD's 22nd consecutive undertaking. The core principles of our observation mission include demonstrating respect for the law, maintaining independence, impartiality, accuracy, transparency, and upholding professionalism.