Our Objective

Promoting an equal, informed and peaceful coexistence of society in a democratic governance.

Our Mission

To be Independent and transparent, to acknowledge and respect the rule of law; Our main mission is to promote and raise awareness concerning the different groups of society, which we think is the first and foremost precondition for developing Western and democratic governance in our country.

Our Goal

We observe the process of elections; participate in international mission; Publish researches and reports; Our goal is to increase the involvement of the society and youth in different governmental processes and to protect human rights.

"It is my great pleasure and privilege to present to you our democratic, impartial, representative NGO and its creative, dynamic and enthusiastic team. CDD was established on February 26, 2008, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We aim to advance the development of democracy in Georgia by building the public trust and awareness about electoral processes, rule of law, human rights, tolerance, diversity, public diplomacy, and Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

At CDD we strongly believe in the importance of dialogue, direct communications, engagement, and public diplomacy. The involvement of different groups of society and the unity of all actors is extremely important on the path of Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration, as well as the general development of our society.

I want to express gratitude to each and every participant, supporter, staff member, expert, speaker, partner and donor of CDD along this very interesting journey. At CDD we share the view of Albert Einstein “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.” 


Ketevan Chachava

Executive Director

Our Team









CDD and the Elections

Election Observation

Voter Education

Promoting the development of political parties

Advocating legislative changes

Monitoring the polling stations


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8 Akaki Shanidze St, 0179, Tbilisi