Main findings and recommendations Regarding the use of electronic technologies in the electoral process

The Center for Development and Democracy (CDD) observed the April 29, 2023 mid-term/extraordinary elections in the N70 Poti, N66 Khobi, and N64 Senaki districts where electronic technologies were implemented.
During the monitoring process, factors such as the effectiveness of electronic technology use, the preparedness of polling stations and committees, voter education and conduct, procedural accuracy and order, and adherence to universally accepted election principles and standards were carefully observed.
A report was compiled as part of this monitoring mission, shedding light on the role of electronic technologies in the voting process, presenting key findings, and discussing potential challenges accompanying technology usage, as per our understanding.
The recommendations given in the report were derived not just from hands-on observation but also from a comprehensive desk research, which included studying the experiences and best practices of other nations in implementing digital technology in their voting process.
The report is available through the following link:…/files/2023-07/1689446235_misia-2023-eng.pdf